Amage System

The system was designed and later created based on experience of many years in the field of comprehensive projects. These included design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of technological equipment for large industrial and environmental plants. Our system also provides access to up-to-date information to all authorized companies and people involved in the project anywhere and at any time.

Managing the life cycle of your investment

At the design stage

Designers of your equipment and machines will create their intelligent digitized documentationn

During manufacturing

Manufacturers will prepare the appropriate detailed database of your plant equipment

During construction and installation

Project executives are in full control of the whole operation and prepare a full mapping of your technology

Throughout the whole operation period

Thanks to the always reliable information, you can successfully manage maintenance and service processes

System features

A modern IT system ensuring work comfort, access to information in the required place and time and data collection at the place of their origin. Built-in mechanisms ensure efficient communication between all participants of business processes throughout the entire life cycle of an industrial investment.

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Applications based on over twenty years of experience with embedded knowledge and practice of experts
Tools developed by practitioners for practitioners
A platform for communication between all companies and people involved in the investment during its implementation and operation phases
Mobile tools for maintenance and service staff
Information about everything important – at any place and any time of the user’s choice
Working comfort and safety of your technology

Areas of system application

The use of our solutions guarantees the continuity of information and the successive creation of a complete database throughout all stages of your plant life - from design, through construction phase to service and maintenance during the plant operation. You will get support for operational activities in all these stages.

Contact with Amage

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